A black Labrador Retriever gives a staff member a kiss while being dried off from a bath.
Guide dog trainer leans over and pets yellow guide dog in harness as it sits

We could really use your talents in these areas—

Black lab puppy looks off into the distance while being held

Puppy Development

Our puppies are learning and growing. We take care of our youngest superheroes from birth to ten weeks. We take this stage very seriously because while that’s not a long time, the quality of early care they receive affects their entire life.

Yellow lab jumps in pool after toy is thrown with a woman smiling in the background

Canine Development

We care for our superhero guide and service dogs in training as they live and learn on our campus. To be the best, we give them our best with an entire professional staff dedicated to giving them the best care possible.

Veterinarian stands while he listens to black labs heat beat

Veterinary Sciences

At our full-service, state-of-the-art campus veterinary center, we keep our dogs healthy and well on their pathway to working careers. If you are a vet or vet tech that loves to keep high-performing dogs happy and healthy, we’d love to hear from you.

Yellow lab in harness guides woman passed obstacle signs with a trainer behind them

Student & Graduate Services

We help people with visual impairments and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities begin as applicants, live and learn here as students, and graduate as part of our family.

A photo of the interior of Dogs Inc student bedroom layout with a bed, desk, and TV.


By providing the very best culinary and housekeeping services, we give our students and staff the ability to focus on achieving their very best.

Older woman sits at desk on the phone and smiles

Administrative Services

We work behind the scenes handling human resources, volunteer services, IT, and finance, keeping our eyes on the greater mission: transforming lives.

Camera woman faces camera at teen graduate

Marketing & Philanthropy

Our team of professionals spread the good news about our life-changing dogs and the people who need them, both publicly (marketing) and through one-on-one relationships (philanthropy).

A landscape photo of Dogs Inc Campus in Palmetto, Florida.

Buildings & Grounds

Our 33-acre campus, training facilities, and grounds look amazing, and our team works hard to keep them that way using top-quality tools that match their pro-quality expertise.

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