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Extraordinary Dogs

What makes our dogs so special? Top-notch pedigrees, perfected over decades of selective breeding. And thousands of hours of training, care, and love. The heartwarming results? Highly skilled four-legged friends who shine as true examples of loyalty.

Transforming Lives

Our dogs form unbreakable bonds with their human partners. Guide dogs turn darkness into light for people with vision loss. Service dogs restore freedom for veterans who have sacrificed for ours. And skilled companion dogs heal the broken hearts of those struggling with loss.

At No Cost to Recipients

And here’s the best part. Our dogs offer an invaluable service and give their love unconditionally, never asking for anything in return—and we follow their lead. We offer our clients their loyal friends, expert instruction, and lifetime support completely free of charge.

Our dogs offer hope and so much more.

Guide Dogs

Offer freedom and confidence to teens, adults, and veterans with vision loss.

A man sits on a rocky beach surrounded by forest with his yellow lab service dog. They both look off into the distance.

Service Dogs

Offer help, healing, and hope to veterans.

  • Service dogs help veterans heal from physical and invisible wounds.
  • Therapy dogs assist patients and healthcare workers at military facilities to recover from pain and distress.

Skilled Companion Dogs

Offer comfort and companionship to their human partners. They give:

  • Friendship to children, teens, and adults with vision loss facing isolation.
  • Hope to veterans battling with despair.
  • Relief to military families grappling with stress.
  • Love to Gold Star families coping with grief.
Randy England and Guide Dog Harold walking along the waterside.
A photo of the Dogs Inc Canine University complex in Palmetto, Florida.
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