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Our Guide Dog Programs

Guide Dogs for Adults & Veterans

Guide dogs turn darkness into light for people with vision loss. These expertly-trained dogs open doors to confidence, independence, and hope. We will carefully match you with your ideal dog, then teach you everything you need for a lifetime of success.

Guide Dogs for Teens

Ready for more independence? For mature teens with vision loss, a guide dog can rock your world, even before you finish high school. We’ll train you on our campus and in your hometown and school. Pro-tip: our no-cost, overnight Guide Dog Camp can pave the way for you and your parent.

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Guide Dog Camp for Teens

Freedom starts here! At Guide Dog Camp, 14- to 17-year-old teens with vision loss and their parents learn how a guide dog can change a teen’s life. There’s no charge for this overnight, two-day camp. Campers learn about working with a guide dog and so much more. Pssst! You might even cuddle some puppies here!

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Dogs of Destiny: A Walk to Freedom

New Hope

As Hope Trentadue embarked on her senior year of high school, she refused to let anything stand in her way. And to take hold of the life she craved, she knew she’d need to let go of the cane and turn to a greater guide—a yellow Lab named Traveler.

Ground Control

High above the clouds, pilot Barry Hyde felt weightless and free…until the tragic crash that nearly took his life. Robbed of his eyesight and his ability to fly, Barry never lost his passion for the skies. As an aviation safety analyst with the Federal Aviation Administration, it’s only fitting that his guide dog is named Bravo.

The Smooth Crew

Gary Ernneus’ life was on track until the day an inmate threw hot liquid in this corrections officer’s face, burning his eyes and blinding him for life. The world went dark, and thoughts of suicide came flooding in. Guide dog Tahoe lightens Gary’s world, so cool and in sync you won’t hear them coming down the street!

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