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Our Skilled Companion Dogs

Dogs for Children and Teens with Vision Loss

For young people facing isolation and challenges from vision loss, these gentle, smart dogs become around-the-clock best friends. Kids grow confidence as they care for their very own dog. Teens gain love and a listening ear. And the giggles from a playful pup who really wants that belly rub? Positively priceless.

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Dogs for Gold Star Families

Sometimes grief needs a reason to smile again. Our gentle, well-trained Gold Star Family dogs offer loving companionship to military children and families who have lost a loved one in active service to the nation. These lovable, healthy, smart dogs deliver comfort and unconditional love.

Dogs for Veterans

For veterans needing a buddy, especially those battling with despair, anxiety, depression, or isolation, our skilled companion dogs offer hope and a sense of purpose. In the military, veterans rely on each other. At home, veterans can rely on their dog for comfort and emotional support.

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Dogs for Adults with Vision Loss

For adults with vision loss not quite ready for a guide dog, a skilled companion dog becomes a loving and loyal friend. These calm, well-behaved dogs bring joy and affection in the face of loneliness and isolation. Because of the dog’s excellent training, people gain a lovely, easy-to-handle pet, at no cost.

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Dogs for Military Families

Standing with every veteran,  a family of heroes holds down the fort. The military lifestyle loads stress on families from deployments, constant relocations, and more. Stress relief—that’s where our calm, skilled dogs can impact lives. Giving them at no cost helps families afford the best…dog…ever!

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