Life Unleashed Magazine Cover - Summer 2022

Table of Contents

Junie and Kids Companion Dog Merlot

Junie's Joy

Meet a boy, a dog, and a mom who wouldn’t give up.

Annabell and guide dog Barry crossing a bridge together.

Best Friends

From follower to leader: how a high school student found her confidence.

Anatomy of a Best Friend

What’s the perfect recipe for a best forever friend? Take a look.

When Lillee Met Sally

Born without a name, without a family, and without much hope for a future—until Sally came along.

Talon and Gold Star Family Dog Hope lying on the floor, cuddling together.

Hoping for Hope

He lost his dad, but found hope in his dog.

A photo of one of the star yellow Labrador of our Best Friends matching challenge.

Best Friends Challenge

Everybody needs a best friend, and this limited-time matching challenge helps make it all happen.

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