Yellow lab in harness looks at the camera intently

What kinds of dogs do we offer?

Man in blue suit walks with black guide dog in harness across the street

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs lead the way, opening doors to confidence, independence, opportunity, and companionship. Our superhero dogs learn over 40 skills, including intelligent disobedience—situations when they choose to refuse a cue whenever safety is in jeopardy.

A young child sits on the ground with her arm draped across a black lab

Kids Companion Dogs

Gentle, skilled Kids Companion Dogs provide companionship and teach responsibility to visually impaired children of any age, building a bridge to a future guide dog. Children gain confidence by learning how to care for the dog, leading to greater self-worth.

A young teen walks with a guide dog down the sidewalk along with a guide dog trainer

Guide Dog Camp

At Guide Dog Camp, 14- to 17-year-old teens with vision loss and their parents learn how our guide dogs can change a teen’s life. There’s no charge for this overnight, two-day camp. Campers learn about caring for a guide dog, working with a dog in harness, and much more.

Woman sits in a chair with yellow lab guide dog in harness laying next to her with a woman sitting across from them
Man kneels down next to black lab guide dog in harness who is kissing his cheek
Woman looks down while she hugs yellow Labrador in guide dog harness
Woman leans over and has arm around black guide dog while she smiles at the camera
Man and yellow guide dog both look and smiles at the camera
Woman sits and smiles down at yellow guide dog as she pets the top of the dog
Woman sits in chair and pets black labs head and she smiles widely
Text: I thank God for giving me new eyes, man sits on a bench and hugs his black lab guide dog
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