young girl in red shirt faces camera with yellow Lab guide dog

Check out our “designed especially for kids” programs.

A young child sits on the ground with her arm draped across a black lab

Kids Companion Dogs

Gentle, skilled Kids Companion Dogs provide friendship, build confidence, and teach responsibility to visually impaired youth ages 5-17, building a bridge to a future guide dog.

A young teen walks with a guide dog down the sidewalk along with a guide dog trainer

Guide Dog Camp

During our two-day, no-cost, overnight camp, teens 14–17 with vision loss learn about caring for and working with a guide dog, dog obedience, and more. Parents learn what a guide dog can mean for their child and family.

Black lab in harness stands in front of the camera and handler smiles in the distance

Guide Dogs for Teens

A guide dog enables mature teens ages 15–17 to experience new freedom and confidence, before finishing high school and venturing out on their own. For teens who are ready, guide dogs open doors to a life unleashed.

A mom and young girl sit and hold a folded American flag with a black lab Goldstar dog lays next to them

Gold Star Family Dogs

Gentle, well-trained Gold Star Family dogs offer loving companionship to military children and families who have lost a loved one in service to the nation, delivering comfort in the midst of difficult times.

Woman sits on a bench and pets yellow labs head
Man sits on bench leaned over and kissed guide dog
Man sits with yellow goldador in front and both look at the camera and smile
Black Lab sits in front of Asian teen
Man wears military jacket and sits on railroad track while he hugs and kisses black lab service dog
Man sits on a bench with yellow lab service dog lays on the bench and looks at the camera
A teenage boy in a red shirt seated on a bench hugs his yellow lab guide dog
Woman sits on a bench and pets yellow lab guide dogs head
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