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A yellow lab in a black guide dog harness sits in the sand at the beach, the ocean visible in the distance.

Summer Heat and Your Dog

Summer is here! As the temperatures rise, it is important to monitor your dog’s health and behavior for signs of heat stroke.

A yellow lab guide dog in a black leather guide dog harness looks off into the distance as a hand touches her on the shoulder right above the harness.

Respect the Harness: Guide Dog Etiquette

Learn the top 12 tips of proper guide dog etiquette to ensure the safety and independence of individuals with visual impairments.

Guide dog trainer leans over and pets yellow guide dog in harness as it sits

How to Become a Guide Dog Instructor

Have you ever wondered how to become a guide dog trainer? That’s a frequently asked question here at Dogs Inc.

A small white dog sniffing a green plant in a pot.

Ask the Vet: 13 Common House Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs

Hundreds of plants can be toxic to dogs, so it is important to educate yourself on the type of plants in your environment.

Recent Articles

A golden Labrador runs with a tennis ball in his mouth.

Ask the Vet: 5 Ways to Prevent Dog Obesity

Discover how to combat obesity in dogs with practical tips on balanced nutrition, portion control, regular exercise, mental stimulation, and veterinary care. Learn why preventing canine obesity is crucial for their health and longevity.

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A yellow puppy chewing on a rawhide bone.

Something to Chew on: Is Rawhide Safe for Your Dog? Do’s and Don’ts and Safety Tips

Ensure the well-being of your canine companion with these essential dos and don'ts for providing rawhide. Learn the best practices for offering this popular dog treat while avoiding potential risks. Keep your pet happy and healthy with expert advice on rawhide consumption.

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What Can My Dog Eat at Christmas?

Keep your dog safe this Christmas by learning which foods are safe for them and which to avoid.

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A yellow Labrador standing outside in the grass with a crowched down female.

What Can My Dog Eat at Thanksgiving?

Keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving by learning which foods are safe for them and which to avoid.

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A yellow Labrador puppy sitting in the grass and scratching at his green collar.

Ask the Vet: Itchy Dogs and Allergy Management

Learn how to manage your dog's allergies with effective tips for itchy skin relief, including insights on flea allergies, environmental triggers, and food sensitivities.

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