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A yellow lab in a black guide dog harness sits in the sand at the beach, the ocean visible in the distance.

Summer Heat and Your Dog

Summer is here! As the temperatures rise, it is important to monitor your dog’s health and behavior for signs of heat stroke.

A yellow lab guide dog in a black leather guide dog harness looks off into the distance as a hand touches her on the shoulder right above the harness.

Respect the Harness: Guide Dog Etiquette

Learn the top 12 tips of proper guide dog etiquette to ensure the safety and independence of individuals with visual impairments.

Guide dog trainer leans over and pets yellow guide dog in harness as it sits

How to Become a Guide Dog Instructor

Have you ever wondered how to become a guide dog trainer? That’s a frequently asked question here at Dogs Inc.

A small white dog sniffing a green plant in a pot.

Ask the Vet: 13 Common House Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs

Hundreds of plants can be toxic to dogs, so it is important to educate yourself on the type of plants in your environment.

Recent Articles

A yellow Labrador puppy walks toward the camera guided on a leash.

How to Teach Your Puppy to Heel

Learn how to perfect your pup's heel cue with this informative video tutorial. Teach your dog to stay by your side and follow your lead. Find step-by-step instructions and valuable tips for effective training. Watch the video now!

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A yellow Labrador and a black Labrador sitting in ghost costumes in a pumpkin patch.

Tips for a Dog-Friendly Halloween

Ensure a spook-tacular and safe Halloween for your furry friends with these expert tips! From pet costumes to candy caution, discover how to create a stress-free holiday for your pets. Read on for essential Halloween pet safety advice.

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A man walking with his yellow lab service dog outside of an elementary school

Service Dog Access: Know the Rules and Your Rights

Discover the rules and rights surrounding service dog access in this informative blog post. Learn about disability rights, ADA regulations, and the distinction between service animals and emotional support animals in various settings.

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A black lab in a guide dog harness sits in front of a line of American Flags in a garden.

7 Ways to Prepare Your Pup for The 4th of July

Discover seven tips to prepare your pup for the Fourth of July and make it a stress-free holiday. Learn how to create a pet-friendly space and more.

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Teaching a Puppy its Name

Discover the importance of choosing a positive and attention-getting name for your puppy. Learn effective techniques for name recognition.

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